Managing Virtual Machines with the VMM Administrator Console

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Cloning Virtual Machines
== Cloning Virtual Machines ==
VMM 2008 provides the ability to make an exact copy of an existing virtual machine. The cloned virtual machine may be deployed on the same host as the original virtual machine, deployed to a different host or stored in a VMM Library for deployment at a later time. Before a virtual machine can be cloned it must reside on a host which is managed by VMM 2008 and be in a powered off or saved state. Assuming these criteria have been met, the cloning process is performed by selecting the ''Virtual Machines'' view of the VMM Administrator Console, selecting the virtual machine to be cloned from the list of machines displayed and clicking on the ''Clone'' link located in the ''Actions'' pane on the right hand side of the console window. Alternatively, right click on the virtual machine and select ''Clone'' from the resulting menu.
Once displayed, the ''Clone Virtual Machine'' wizard will request a name for the cloned machine, an owner and optional description. After providing this information, click ''Next'' configure the hardware settings. If the ''Hardware profile'' menu is set to ''[New]'', the settings of the cloned virtual machine will match those of the source virtual machine but may be altered if necessary. If other hardware profiles have been stored in the VMM Library, one may also be selected from the drop down menu and also modified to meet any specific requirements.
The next screen is where the decision about where the cloned virtual machine is to be placed. As previously mentioned, the optioned are to store the clone on a host or in a library. if the option to store the virtual machine in a library is selected, the next screen will provide a list of VMM Library Servers available to store the clone. After a server has been selected, the location within the library must then be selected.
If, on the other hand, the clone is to be placed on a host, the next screen provides a list of managed hosts. Once a host has been selected, the location on the host's file system for the cloned virtual machine files to be stored must be selected. After selecting a location,
Once the settings have been configured, the
== Storing a Virtual Machine in a Library ==
== Deploying Virtual Machines from a Library ==