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<td width="20%">Performing Physical to Virtual (P2V) Conversions using VMM 2008<td align="center"><td width="20%" align="right">Understanding and Configuring VMM 2008 User Roles</td>
VMware based virtual machines can be converted to run with the Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual Server environments using the Virtual to Virtual (V2V) feature of Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008. Virtual machines created using VMware Server, VMware Workstation and VMware ESX can be converted using this process.
== Performing a VMware to Hyper-V V2V Conversion ==
The conversion process is largely the same regardless of whether the destination for the VMware virtual machine is a Hyper-V or Virtual Server environment. The conversion begins by clicking on the ''Convert virtual machine'' link located in the ''Actions'' pane of the VMM Administrator Console. Once selected, the ''Convert Virtual machineMachine'' wizard will appear, prompting for a virtual machine to be converted. Click on the ''Browse'' button to view a list of VMware files in the library suitable for conversion:
Once a virtual machine has been selected for conversion, click ''Next'' to give the destination virtual machine a name and to assign an owner (if the default owner is not acceptable). Clicking ''Next'' displays the ''VM Configuration'' screen where the number of process processors and amount of memory to be assigned to the destination virtual machine may be altered from those configured for the source VMware virtual machine.
The next screen is where the target host for the converted virtual machine is selected. A list of known hosts is provided and may be filtered using the provided search options located above the list. Having selected a destination host, click ''Next'' to configure the location on the host's file system for storage of the converted virtual machine files.
Once the conversion process completes (and assuming it completes successfully), the converted virtual machine will appear in the inventory of the destination host ready to be started.

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