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VirtualBox Supported Host and Guest Operating Systems

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Guest operating systems are the operating systems which run within VirtualBox virtual machines. The list of supported guest operating systems is much larger than the list of supported host operating systems. As with host operating systems, just because an operating systems is not listed as a supported guest does not mean it will not run. In fact, in the case of guest operating systems there is a good chance that even unsupported guest operating systems will still run within a virtual machine. There are, of course, limitations to this rule. It is not possible, for example, to run MacOS X in a virtual machine for the simple reason that MacOS X relies on specific Apple hardware which is not available in a VirtualBox virtual machine.
== Running 64-bit VirtualBox Guest Operating Systems ==
Before looking at the supported guest and host operating systems it is important to first cover some requirements related to running 64-bit guest operating systems in VirtualBox virtual machines.
== Supported VirtualBox Host Operating Systems ==
== Hello ==

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