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Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows
== Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions on Windows ==
As previously discussed, the VirtualBox Guest Additions reside in an ISO image file which is bundled with the VirtalBox VirtualBox software. This image file must be mounted as a virtual CD-ROM on the virtual machine on which the additions are to be installed. VirtualBox provides a shortcut to performing this task in the form of the ''Devices->Install Guest Additions....'' menu option. When selected, this option mounts the ''VBoxGuestAdditions.iso'' as a virtual CD-ROM and, assuming that AutoPlay is enabled on the guest Windows operating system, the VirtualBox Guest Additions installer will automatically start. If AutoPlay is not enabled, navigate to the CD-ROM using Windows Explorer and double click on ''VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe'' to initiate the installation process. Once invoked, the ''Sun xVM VirtualBox Guest Additions Setup Welcome'' screen will appear. Click ''Next >'' to proceed to the license screescreen, review the license and click ''I Agree'' to display the installation screen as illustrated below:
Either accept the default installation folder or browse to the desired location before clicking the ''Install'' button to initiate the installation process. The progress of the installation is communicate via a progress bar and a scrolling report of the various tasks as they are performed:

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