About Xen Virtualization Essentials

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Though the concept of virtualization is far from new, recent requirements such as the need to maximize hardware utilization, decrease hardware costs, reduce power consumption and simplify system management and security have led to a significant increase in both the deployment of virtualization and the number of available virtualization solutions. In fact virtualization solutions are now available to meet the needs of the global enterprise all the way down to the home user.
This book is about one such virtualization solution known as Xen. Xen is a feature rich, open source, hypervisor-based virtualization solution which, in spite if of its relatively recent origins, has gained both wide acceptance and an enviable reputation throughout the IT industry.
The objective of this book is to provide the reader with an understanding of the basic approaches to virtualization together with detailed information on deploying virtualization using Xen technology. Whilst many books tend to focus on the theory of virtualization, this book emphasizes the practical aspects of working with Xen, including detailed step by step tutorials designed to show exactly how to create and manage Xen based guest domains.