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About Xen Virtualization Essentials

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== What is Virtualization? ==
In a traditional computing model, a computer system typically runs a single operating system. For example, a desktop computer might run a copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista, while a server might run Linux or Windows Server 2008. The concept of virtualization, as it pertains to this book, involves the use of a variety of different technologies to allow multiple and potentially varied operating system instances to run concurrently on a single physical computer system, each sharing the physical resources of the host computer system (such as memory, network connectivity, CPU and storage). Within a virtualized infrastructure, a single physical computer server might, for example, run two instances of Windows Server 2008 and one instance of Linux. This, in effect, allows a single computer to provide an IT infrastructure that would ordinarily required require three computer systems.
== Why is Virtualization Important? ==

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