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A Guided Tour of the VMM Administrator Console

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Selecting a combination of filters will limit the virtual machines displayed by the console to those which match matching the specified filtering criteria. Existing filter settings may be removed at any time by clicking on the ''Clear all'' link at the top of the filter pane.
== Customizing the VMM Administrator Console ==
* '''Actions Pane''' - The pane along the right hand side of the VMM Administrator Console window is the ''Actions Pane''. This pane may also be hidden either by selecting the ''View->Action Pane'' menu option, or pressing ''Ctrl+T'' on the keyboard.
* '''Table Columns''' - Depending on the currently selected view, the VMM Administrator Console may display a table containing information relevant to the view, for example containing information about virtual machines or hosts. The table will, by default, contain a number of different columns. The columns displayed may be configured by selecting the ''View->Columns'' menu option or clicking on ''Columns'' in the toolbar to display the ''Select Columns'' dialog. Alternatively, right clicking with the mouse on the column header in the table will display a list of options for changing the current column type.
The ''Select Columns'' dialog allows columns relevant to the current view to be turned off or on, or moved to a different position in the table. In addition, a wide range of additional columns not displayed by default are also available for addition to the table.

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