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== Supported P2V Source Operating Systems ==
A P2V conversion can only be performed on a limited range of Microsoft Windows editions. Further, P2V online conversions are limited to an even smaller subset of supported Windows editions as illustrated in the the following table:
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The Conversion Options pane also provides the option to turn off the source system one once the conversion process is completed. Once the virtual hard disk and conversion type settings are configured, click ''Next'' to configure the virtual processor and memory requirements for the destination virtual machine. On the remaining screens, specify the destination host, the filesystem location on the host for the virtual machine files, the network on the host to which any virtual network adapters are to be connected and additional settings relating to the behavior of the virtual machine when the host system starts and stops.
Once the above configuration settings have been configured, the ''Conversion Information'' screen performs a prerequisites check to ensure the conversion can be performed successfully. Assuming no problems are found, the wizard will report ''No issues detected''.

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