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Deploying a VMM 2008 Self-Service Portal

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The actions that the user is able to perform on the virtual machines is are dependent on the permissions assigned to the user role. For example, if permission to shut down virtual machines was denied to the user role this option will not be available to role members within the portal.
In the case of running virtual machines, a connection may be established to the virtual machine's desktop by selecting the machine from the list and selecting the ''Connect to VM'' link in the ''Actions'' pane. Once selected, a ''Remote Control Session'' browser window will appear containing the desktop of the selected virtual machine:
== Creating New Virtual Machines using the VMM Self-Service portal ==
As previously discussed, Self-Service User Role members may create new virtual machines from within the Self-Service Portal only if the role has permission to do so and templates have been configured for use by the role's members. Assuming these criteria have been met, a new virtual machine is created by clicking on the ''New Computer'' link located under ''Create'' on the right hand side of the portal web page. Once this selection has been made, a new browser windows window containing the ''New Virtual Machine'' web page will appear as illustrated below:

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