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An Overview of Hyper-V Live Migration

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- '''Transfer of storage''' - The source host transfers the shared storage handle to the destination host where it is used to access the virtual hard disks (VHDs) and passthrough disks required by the virtual machine.
- '''VM brought online''' - The migrated virtual machine is brought online on the destination host.
- '''Network Re-direction''' - The network environment is modified to direct traffic intended for the virtual machine to the destination host.
== Performing a Live Migration ==
Assuming that the system requirements outlined earlier in this chaoter have been met and a virtual machine is running on a host within such an environment, a live migration can be initiated.
Live migrations may be initiated either from within the ''Failover Cluster Management'' console or using Windows PowerShell.
Once launched, the Failover Cluster console lists the virtual machines running on hosts within the cluster together with the corresponding status of each one.

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