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An Overview of Hyper-V Live Migration

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The Live Migration Process
- '''Network Re-direction''' - The network environment is modified to direct traffic intended for the virtual machine to the destination host.
== Configuring a Virtual Machine to be Highly Available ==
As previously mentioned, a virtual machine must be configured as highly available before it is eligible to participate in a live migration. This task is performed from within the Failover Cluster Manager (Start -> Administrative Tools -> Failover Cluster Manager).
Within the Failover Cluster Manager, select the cluster to manage and click on ''Services and Applications'' followed by the ''Configure a Service or Application'' option located in the ''Action'' pane.
An informational screen may appear. Read the information provided and click ''Next'' to proceed. On the subsequent ''Select Service or Application'' screen click Virtual Machine and then click on ''Next'' to proceed to the ''Virtual Machine'' screen. On this screen, select the check box next to the virtual machine to be configured, click ''Next''.
On the Select Virtual Machine page, check the name of the virtual machine that you want to make highly available, and then click Next. Review the information listed on the confirmation screen and click ''Finish'' to complete the operation.
== Performing a Live Migration using the Failover Cluster Manager ==

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