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An Overview of Hyper-V Live Migration

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Performing a Live Migration using Windows PowerShell
For a command-line or script based method of performing live migrations, the Windows PowerShell environment may be used as follows:
Open To open a PowerShell. Click window, select ''Start, point to -> All Programs, click -> Accessories -> Windows Powershell 2.0, and then click -> Windows Powershell 2PowerShell''.0.  The Failover Clustering feature must be installed on the computer on which you are starting Within the PowerShell session. To window, install the Failover Clustering feature, typeas follow:
Add-Module FailoverClusters
TypeTo perform the live migration, enter a command using the following syntax:
<pre>Get-Cluster “<Cluster Namecluster>” | Move-ClusterVirtualMachineRole -Name “<VM vm group name>” -Node “<Destination destination node name>” </pre>
* <Cluster Namecluster> is represents the name of the cluster that contains the virtual machine is included in.  <VM group name> is the virtual machine resource groupto be migrated.
* <vm group> represents the virtual machine resource group containing the virtual machine.
* <Destination destination node name> is represents the name of the destination host node within the Failover cluster to which you would like to move the virtual machine using live migrationis to be migrated.

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