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An Overview of Hyper-V Live Migration

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- The virtual machine on which the migration is to be performed must be configured as ''Highly Available'' and to use Cluster Shared Volumes.
- The virtual machine's ''Automatic Start Action'' setting must be set to do ''Nothing''.
- All Hyper-V hosts in the Failover cluster must be configured to boot from the same drive letter. In other words, a host that boots from the C drive cannot perform a live migration to host that boots from the D drive.
On the Select Virtual Machine page, check the name of the virtual machine that you want to make highly available, and then click Next. Review the information listed on the confirmation screen and click ''Finish'' to complete the operation.
== Configuring the Virtual Machine for Automatic Start ==
Open the Hyper-V Manager console, select the virtual machine to be migrated and click on the ''Settings'' link located in the ''Action'' pane. In the left pane of the settings panel click on ''Automatic Start Action'' and under section in the main pane entitled ''What do you want this virtual machine to do when the physical computer starts?'', select the ''Nothing'' option followed by ''Apply''.
== Performing a Live Migration using the Failover Cluster Manager ==

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