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Migrating Hyper-V Virtual Machines Using Import/Export

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The Hyper-V Import/Export feature allows virtual machines to be migrated from one Hyper-V server to another regardless of whether the Hyper-V hosts are part of a Failover Cluster. In this chapter of [[Hyper-V Essentials]] we will cover the concept of virtual machine migration using this approach.
For details on how to perform a live migration between nodes in Failover Clusterusing the features of Hyper-V 2008 R2, refer to the chapter entitled [[An Overview of Hyper-V Live Migration]].
== The Capabilities and Restrictions of Virtual Machine Migration ==
The first step in exporting a Hyper-V virtual is to launch the Hyper-V Manager console (''Start->Administration Tools->Hyper-V Manager''). From within Hyper-V Manager, ensure that the virtual machine to be exported is either powered off or in a saved state by selecting it from the list of virtual machines and selecting the appropriate action from the ''Actions'' panel.
Once the virtual machine is power powered off or saved, click on the ''Export..'' action link to display the ''Export Virtual Machine'' dialog as illustrated in the following figure:

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