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On-line Virtualization Books
<td valign="top">[[Image:Xen_Essentials.jpg|Click to Read Xen Essentials]]<td>[[Xen Virtualization Essentials]] is an online book which takes a practical approach to learning about and deploying Xen based virtualization solutions. The book covers a wide range of Xen virtualization related topics including the creation and configuration of both paravirtualized and HVM guests, and the ongoing configuration and maintenance of the virtualized environment. [[Xen Virtualization Essentials|Read this book>>]]<br><br></td>
<td valign="top">[[Image:VirtualBox_Essentials.jpg]]<td>Coming soon, VirtualBox Essentials is an online book designed as both a learning resource and reference guide intended to be of use to both new and experience VirtualBox users. VirtualBox Essentials is due for completion in June 2008.<br><br></td>

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