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Migrating Xen domainU Guests Between Host Systems

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== Preparing the Xen Migration Environment ==
The next requirement for performing live migrations involves the creation of a Xen domainU guest to migrate. For the purposes of this chapter, we will use a disk image based domainU guest environment installed in the ''/xen'' directory of a server. The steps required to create such a guest are outlined in detail in the chapter entitled [[Building a Xen Virtual Guest Filesystem on a Disk Image (Cloning Host System)]], which will instruct you provides steps on how to create and configure the following files:
== Checking the Xen Log for Migration Errors ==
The migration from a user's perspective is a silent process. This can make tracking down problems difficult since a failed migration will often not report anything on the command-line. If problems are encountered during the migration the first place to look for information is the Xen log file which can be viewed by running the ''xm log'' command. The following shows partial output from a successful live migration:

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