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Understanding and Installing VMware Tools

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Installing VMware Tools on Windows
If ''AutoPlay'' is configured in the Windows guest operating system the VMware installer will automatically run as soon as the VMware Tools ISO image is mounted as the virtual CD/DVD drive. If, on the other hand, AutoPlay has been disabled, navigate to ''My Computer'' or, in the case of Windows Server 2008, ''Computer'', double click on the CD/DVD drive and launch the ''Setup.exe'' executable. After a short delay the VMware Tools installation wizard's welcome screen will appear. Clicking ''Next'' provides the options to perform a ''Custom'', ''Typical'' or ''Complete'' installation. For full control over the tools to be installed click on the ''Custom'' button and select the individual tools and software development kits (SDKs) to install. For most requirements the ''Typical'' installation is appropriate, although if there are plans to migrate the virtual machine to a product other than VMware Server at some point in the future the ''Complete'' installation is recommended.  Having selected a setup type, click ''Next'' on the current screen, followed by ''Install'' on the subsequent screen. The installation will then begin, displaying a progress bar and status information as the various components are installed:  [[Image:vmware_tools_windows_installation.jpg|The VMware Tools Windows Installation]]  Upon completion of the VMware Tools installation process, click on the ''Finish'' button. A subsequent review of the virtual machine status in VI Web Access should indicate that VMware Tools are now installed and operational.

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