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Understanding and Installing VMware Tools

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=== VMware User Process ===
As with the VMware Tools Service, the VMware User Process (named ''VMwareUser.exe'' on Windows and ''vmware-user'' on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris) runs as a background process and is essentially invisible to the user of the guest operating system. On guest operating systems such as Linux which typically use the X11 session manager, the VMware User Process is started automatically when a user's X Window session is started. On X Window based systems which do not use a session manager, the VMware User Process may be manually invoked by running the following command:
Upon completion of the VMware Tools installation process, click on the ''Finish'' button. As the installation included the addition of new drivers to the Windows opearting operating system it may be necessary to reboot the virtual machine before the installation will take effect. In the majority of cases, Windows will display a dialog to this effect if a reboot is necessary. A subsequent review of the virtual machine status in VI Web Access should indicate that VMware Tools are now installed and operational.
== Installing VMware Tools on a Linux Guest ==

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