VMware Server 2.0 DHCP Configuration

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In order for a client to connect to a TCP/IP based network, it needs a Internet Protocol (IP) address which uniquely identifies it among the other devices connected to the network. In addition, the addresses of one or more DNS servers and a gateway may optionally be configured. One way to configure this is to manually assign this information to each client on the network.

As outlined in the chapter entitled VMware Server Virtual Network Architecture, the VMware Server infrastructure includes a built-in Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server for the purpose of assigning dynamic IP addresses, DNS and gateway information to virtual machines running in NAT and Host Only virtual networks.

As with any other DHCP server, the one embedded into VMware Server provides a number of different configuration options. As such, this chapter will focus of configuring the VMware Server DHCP server on both Linux and Windows host operating systems.