VMware Server 2.0 Essentials

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An Overview of Virtualization and VMware Server 2.0

This Virtuatopia.com online book is intended as both a learning resource and reference guide designed to be of use to new and experienced VMware Server users alike. Comprising 20 chapters of detailed information, the book covers a wide range of topics relating to this entry level virtualization solution

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  1. An Overview of Virtualization and VMware Server 2.0
  2. Installing VMware Server 2.0 on Linux Systems
  3. Installing VMware Server 2.0 on Windows Systems
  4. A Guided Tour of the VMware Server 2.0 Infrastructure Web Access Interface
  5. Officially Supported VMware Server 2.0 Guest Operating Systems
  6. Creating VMware Server 2.0 Virtual Machines
  7. Installing and Using the VMware Remote Console Plug-in
  8. Creating VMware Server 2.0 Desktop and Web Shortcuts
  9. Understanding and Installing VMware Tools
  10. The VMware Tools Control Panel
  11. Working with VMware Tools Scripts and Power States
  12. Configuring VMware Server 2.0 Host-Wide Settings
  13. VMware Server Virtual Network Architecture
  14. Managing VMware Virtual Networks and Adapters
  15. VMware Server NAT Configuration
  16. VMware Server 2.0 DHCP Configuration
  17. Managing VMware Server 2.0 Virtual Disks
  18. Command Line Management of VMware Virtual Disks
  19. VMware Server 2.0 Security - Access, Roles and Permissions
  20. Controlling VMware Virtual Machines from the Command Line with vmrun