Windows Server 2008 does not recognize VMware Server Network Adaptor

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The Problem

After installing Windows Server 2008 using VMware Server the operating system does not recognize the virtual network adapter provided by the Vmware environment. The first indication of this problem is the fact that the Windows Server 2008 Initial Configuration Tasks tool which is launched when the system first boots lists the Network Adapter as category as None detected.

The Solution

This problem is caused by the fact that Windows Server 2008 does not ship with the necessary drivers to operate the virtual network adapter provided by VMware server. This driver is supplied as part of the VMware Tools package and the problem described above is a classic symptom of these tools not having been installed.

To install the VMware tools ensure that the Windows Server 2008 system is booted and that you are logged in as a user with administrative privileges. Once logged in select Install VMware Tools from the VMware Server VM menu. Once selected the VMware environment will make it appear to Windows as though a CDROM has been loaded into the system containing the VMware Tools setup. upon detecting this virtual CDROM, Windows Server 2008 will autorun the installation. Simply follow the prompts to install the VMware Tools package. Once completed the network adapter should be recognized and activated by the operating system.