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About Xen Virtualization Essentials

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© 2012 Neil Smyth / Payload Media. This eBook is provided for personal use only. Unauthorized use, reproduction and/or distribution strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

  1. About Xen Virtualization Essentials
  2. An Overview of Virtualization Techniques
  3. Configuring and Installing a Xen Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) domainU Guest
  4. Installing and Running Windows XP or Vista as a Xen HVM domainU Guest
  5. Virtualizing Windows Server 2008 with Xen
  6. Installing and Running Windows 7 as a Xen HVM domainU Guest
  7. Adding USB Devices to a Xen HVM domainU Guest
  8. Building a Xen Virtual Guest Filesystem on a Disk Image (Cloning Host System)
  9. Building a Xen Virtual Guest Filesystem on a Physical Disk Partition (Cloning Host System)
  10. Building a Xen Virtual Guest Filesystem using Logical Volume Management (LVM)
  11. Building a Xen Guest Root Filesystem using yum and rpm
  12. Building a Debian or Ubuntu Xen Guest Root Filesystem using debootstrap
  13. Building a Xen Guest Domain using Xen-Tools
  14. Using QEMU Disk Images for Xen DomainU Systems
  15. Creating and Booting a Xen Guest domainU using an NFS Mounted Root Filesystem
  16. Configuring a VNC based Graphical Console for a Xen Paravirtualized domainU Guest
  17. Running and Connecting to VNC Servers on a Xen Guest (domainU) System
  18. Adding Disk, CDROM and DVD Devices to a Running Xen domainU Guest System
  19. Xen Monitoring Tools and Techniques
  20. Migrating Xen domainU Guests Between Host Systems
  21. Solving Common Xen Problems


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