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Creating a New Virtual Machine Template
Before using an existing virtual machine as the basis for a template there are some important points to be aware of. Firstly, the source virtual machine will be destroyed as part of the template creation process. To avoid this, be sure to clone the virtual machine and use the clone as the source for the template. Secondly, in order for an existing virtual machine to be used as the basis for a template, the machine must be powered off. Running virtual machines will not be included in the list of those available for use as the basis for a template.
If, on the other hand, an existing virtual hard disk is to be used, use the corresponding ''Browse'' button to navigate to the required item. By default , two blank hard disks are stored in the VMM Library for this specific purpose (a small 16GB disk and large 60GB disk).
Having selected a suitable source for the template, click the ''Next'' button to proceed to the ''Template Identity'' screen where the template should be given a name and optional description. If the default owner displayed by the wizard is incorrect, either enter the correct owner identity or use the ''Browse'' button to identify an another user before clicking ''Next'' to proceed to the ''Hardware Configuration'' screen:

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