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A Guided Tour of the VMM Administrator Console

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<td width="20%">[[Installing VMM 2008 Components|Previous]]<td align="center">[[VMM 2008 Essentials|Table of Contents]]<td width="20%" align="right">[[Managing Hosts with the VMM Administrator Console|Next]]</td>
<td width="20%">Installing VMM 2008 Components<td align="center"><td width="20%" align="right">Managing Hosts with the VMM Administrator Console</td>
The primary component of VMM 2008 is the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) Administrator Console. It can be installed both on the VMM Server host or on any other computer systems from which the virtualization infrastructure is to be managed. While many of the components which make up VMM 2008 operate as background tasks, the VMM Administrator Console is the front end through which all management tasks are performed. This chapter provides a detailed overview of the VMM Administrator Console.

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