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An Overview of VirtualBox 2

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VirtualBox - Software and Hardware Virtualization
As previously discussed, VirtualBox primarily uses software virtualization to run virtual machines. In fact, this is the default behavior for any virtual machines (with the exception of 64-bit guest operating systems) created within the VirtualBox environment. VirtualBox does, however, provide the option to enable hardware virtualization on a per virtual machine basis when running on AMD-V and Intel-VT capable CPUs. On more recent CPU designs, VirtualBox is also able to make use of nesting paging tables to improve virtual machine performance.
The developers of VirtualBox do, however, warn that depending on the guest environment and workload, greater performance may be achieved by leaving the hardware virtualization option switch switched off for some virtual machines. Clearly, if virtual machine performance is an issue, some experimentation with hardware virtaulization switched on and off to identify the optimal configuration is recommended.
== VirtualBox - A Summary ==

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