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VirtualBox Shared Folders

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Accessing a Shared Folder from a Linux Guest
Shared Folders are accessed on Linux guests by mounting the folder at a suitable mount point using the ''mount'' command. This can either be an existing directory, or a new directory may be created specifically for this purpose. The syntax to perform the mount (which must be performed as super-user or using the ''sudo'' command) is as follows:
:mount -t vboxsf [-o ''MOUNT OPTIONS''] ''ShareName MointPoint''
where [-o ''MOUNT OPTIONS''] represents any optional directives to the mount command, ''ShareName'' is the name assigned to shared folder when it was created and ''MountPoint'' is the path to the directory on the guest where the shared folder is to be mounted. For example, to mount a shared folder named ''TempFiles'' using ''/tmp/mnt'' as the mount point:

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