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Solving Common Xen Problems

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<td width="20%">[[Migrating Xen domainU Guests Between Host Systems|Previous]]<td align="center">[[Xen Virtualization Essentials|Table of Contents]]<td width="20%" align="right"></td>
<td width="20%">Migrating Xen domainU Guests Between Host Systems<td align="center"><td width="20%" align="right"></td>
A number of different problems can occur during the boot process of the Xen guest system. Solutions to common Xen problems are as follows:
* [[Xen guest domainU migration fails with Error: can't connect: No route to host message]]
* [[Windows Server 2008 Xen HVM installation fails - Firmware (BIOS) is not ACPI compatible]]
* [[Xen mouse pointer appears in the wrong position in VNC console]]

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