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Creating VMware Server 2.0 Virtual Machines

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Virtual Machine Memory and CPU Settings
== Virtual Machine Memory and CPU Settings ==
Once the name of the virtual machine, and type of guest operating system have been defined, the next screen allows the CPU and memory settings for the virtual machine. It is on this screen that the virtual machine's share of the physical resources of the host computer are defined. The values specified here will dependent on a number of factors. Firstly, the settings will to a large extent be governed by the amount of physical memory and and CPUs available on the host. Secondly, the resource requirements of any other future or currently running virtual machines on the host must also be taken into consideration. In order to assist in arriving at suitable memory settings, the wizard will display recommended, maximum and minimum sizes based on a number of factors including available host resources and the selected guest operating system.
After memory has been assigned to the virtual machine, the number of CPUs or CPU cores to be made available the virtual machine may be configured. Once again, the optimal setting will depend on the CPUs available on the host together with the requirements of both the host operating system and any other virtual machines:
[[Image:vmware_server_2.0_vm_cpu_memory.jpg|Configuring Virtual Machine Memory and CPU settings]]

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