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Migrating Hyper-V Virtual Machines Using Import/Export

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The Hyper-V Import/Export feature allows virtual machines to be migrated from one Hyper-V server to anotherregardless of whether the Hyper-V hosts are part of a Failover Cluster. In this chapter of [[Hyper-V Essentials]] we will cover the concept of virtual machine migration using this approach.  For details on how to perform a live migration between nodes in detailFailover Cluster, refer to the chapter entitled [[An Overview of Hyper-V Live Migration]].
== The Capabilities and Restrictions of Virtual Machine Migration ==
Before attempting to migrate a Hyper-V virtual machine between servers using import/export, there are some rules and restrictions that are useful to know about it advance.
Firstly, a virtual machine can only be exported if it is shut down or saved. A running or paused virtual machine cannot be migrated. Some readers may be familiar with the live migration capabilities of virtual solutions such as Xen and VMware VMotion which allow a running virtual machine to be moved from one server to another without any perceptible interruption of service. Whilst Microsoft are working on such a feature for Hyper-V, the current version supports only the static migration of a powered off virtual machine.

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